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"Is Disneyland Really Worth It?" A Non-Disney Dad's Perspective

We all know what Disney is about. Theme Park for kids and families, tons of people, expensive, annoying music, and not my thing.

That’s where I was wrong!

Sure, as a family with our little girl, we watch Disney movies. Every fall we go to Disney on Ice and my daughter loves it. Which is why we continue to do it year after year. Personally, as a guy who’s into motorcycles, camping, outdoors, anti-crowds, and just overall not an amusement park fan, listen to me.

Disneyland changed me! The magic is real, very real. Watching your child’s eyes light up walking through the park, seeing characters, the joy and fun they have on the rides. Seeing your child who watches all the Disney movies and now they are standing with Daisy, Donald, Goofy, Minnie, Alice, and Elsa. The look of amazement and awe in their eyes. That’s the Magic!

Suffering from crowd/social anxiety myself, or maybe just an extreme case of not liking people in general, I can vouch I never had any issues in the parks. Yes, it was busy, there were crowds.

Walking outdoors to the attractions, through each themed area, the level of immersion and attention to detail in the parks was amazing. Like a child, I found myself in awe. The crowds never seemed to bother me.

Was it worth the price? Having a Travel Advisor wife who’s an avid Disney lover, made it totally worth it. Without her knowledge, the trip would have easily been more expensive and not as enjoyable. To me, seeing my child completely immersed in a land of fairy tales, joy, and excitement... you simply cannot put a price on the level of happiness my family shared on this trip. The day we arrived home I started planning next year’s trip, along with going to Walt Disney World the year after that!

We as fathers don’t realize it, or any parent for that matter, we have a very limited time to spend with our children. Very limited time while the magic is alive through their innocence. Now witnessing the magic in my child, I will never pass up the opportunity to let her experience it again! I have maybe 6 or 7 more years until she won’t hold my hand while laughing in public. These trips and their memories will last a lifetime, even after we are gone. My child will remember the fun and magic we all had. That is worth every penny to me as a father. Take the trip!

Trisha here- I just wanted to take a moment to thank my wonderful husband for taking the time to sit down and write this. I have been trying to get him on a Disney trip for years! Finally, I said, I booked this trip and we are going. If you hate it, you don't ever have to go again. Boy, was I surprised when we got home and he started asking about when we can go next!!

The Disney magic is still alive and very real!!

When you are ready to make your first adventure or next adventure, I am ready to help you out!!!

Trisha Marsh

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