Meet The Owners

Kim Gerdes - Managing Partner

Marietta, GA

Specialties: Disney Destinations, Universal, Cruises, Family Travel

Kim has been in the travel industry since 2013 and has been with Potw since 2015 as a travel specialist and became a Managing Partner in April 2016.  She has a love for all things travel related and enjoys spending as much time as she can doing just that..traveling! 


You can reach her at


Kim Gerdes 
Managing Parter

April O'Rourke - Managing Partner

White, GA

Specialties: Disney Destinations, Universal, Cruises, U.S. Travel

April has been in the travel industry since 2013 and Co-Founded Potw in 2015.  She visits Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando at least 6 times a year.  She is originally from Washington State and drives cross county often to visit family and has enjoyed exploring the many different cities and states along the way with her husband and 2 kids who also share her love of travel. 


You can reach her at


April O'Rourke
Managing partner


Meet The Agents

Katy Maxwell - Travel Specialist

Grand Rapids, MI

Specialties: Disney, Universal, Family Travel, Adult Travel


Katy has been in the travel industry since 2013.  Since 2007 she is in the Orlando area at least twice a year and she makes it a point of doing things that she has never done before! She and her husband also make it a point to visit as many major US cities as possible from year to year and they love exploring each city to see what it has to offer.

You can reach her at


Katy Maxwell
Travel Specialist

Kelly Waters - Travel Specialist

Zebulon, GA

Specialties: Disney Destinations, Family Travel, Universal, Cruises

Kelly has been in the travel industry since 2013. Kelly loves traveling with her husband and 3 Disney obsessed you can't guess where they like to vacation..Disney, of course! She loves to spend time with her family and friends.   

You can reach her at


Kelly Waters
Travel Specialist

Tanaya Smith - Travel Specialist

Creedmoor, NC

Specialties: Disney Destinations, Universal, Family Travel, Adult Travel, Group Travel

Tanaya has been in the travel industry since 2015. She loves getting her clients what they are looking for and is our resident group travel guru.  No trip is too small or large for Tanaya!  She truly loves customizing each trip so everyone gets what they are looking for. When she's not planning her clients trips she enjoys spending time with her family.  

You can reach her at


Tanaya Smith 
Travel Specialist

Brenda Rouse - Travel Specialist

Bismark, ND


Specialties: Disney Destinations, Cruises, All-Inclusive, and Adult Travel.


Brenda has been in the travel industry since 2014.  She loves to travel with her family.  She has been to Disney more than 20 times and shares her experiences and expertise with her clients. She spends time with her family traveling and loves to camp with them. 

You can reach her at


Brenda Rouse
Travel Specialist

Dana Birch - Travel Specialist

Downers Grove, IL


Specialties: Disney Destinations, Cruises, Family Travel, Couples Travel, Universal, Beach Destinations

Dana has been in the travel industry since 2017.  Dana is a mom to two young children, and she loves sharing her love of Disney with them and seeing it through their eyes. Not only do they go to Disney each year they also love to take beach vacations.  Dana has also traveled to Thailand and Tokyo (including Tokyo Disneyland Resort). 

You can reach her at

CLIA Pic 2 (1).jpg

Dana Birch
Travel Specialist

Talia Ampie - Travel Specialist

Edmond, OK

Specialties: Disney Destinations, Cruises, CruiseTours

Talia has been in the travel industry since 2016.  She loves spending her free time with her husband and kids. They love to travel together and their favorite destination to head to is Florida, especially Disney, where they go at least once a year. 

You can reach her at talia@partofthatworld.co1


Talia Ampie
Travel Specialist

Linda Gordon - Travel Specialist

Portland, OR

Specialties: Disney Destinations, Cruises, Family Travel, Empty Nesters, Hawaii

Linda has been in the travel industry since 2007.  She loves to cruise and has a Master Cruise Counselor accreditation. She says that she spends too much time reading and watching TV. Last fall she was privileged to visit the set of "When Calls the Heart" in Vancouver BC and enjoy tea and chocolate in Victoria BC. She is a longtime annual passholder to Disney World and says that she has lost track of how many times she has been!

You can reach her at


Linda Gordon
Travel Specialist

Trish Marsh - Travel Specialist

Baring, WA

Specialties: Disney Destinations, Pacific Northwest, Family Travel, Hawaii

Trisha has been in the travel industry since 2018. When she's not working on vacations, she is at home with her 1.5 year old daughter. You can usually find them outdoors exploring and finding exciting new areas and beauty. Trisha grew up going to Disneyland and Walt Disney World quite often. She is currently planning their next trip and can't wait to see the excitement in her daughter's eyes. She has spent a lot of time exploring up and down the West Coast, and even spent a month exploring Hawaii!

You can reach her at


Trisha Marsh 
Travel Specialist

Amy has been in the travel industry since 2022. She’s a mom to one daughter and two furry babies. Amy loves to explore new places and learn about different cultures. She spent 3 years living with her family in the Philippines and has traveled extensively in Southeast Asia. Additionally she lived in Japan for two years. Amy has visited all of the Disney Parks in Asia and loves to share her Disney experiences with her friends and family. Now living back in the U.S. in Texas she regularly makes trips with her husband and daughter to Orlando for theme park fun! 
Specialties: Disney Destinations, Universal Studios, Family Travel, Couples Travel, Beach Vacations, Southeast Asia Destinations. 
Amy can be contacted at:


Amy Donotrio
Travel Specialist

Kris has been in the travel industry since 2020. When growing up, Kris' favorite family memory was camping with her family and especially camping at Walt Disney World!  When she's not working, Kris loves to read and spend time with her husband, 10 year old son and 6 year old twin girls.  They love to travel as a family whether it's cruising to new places or road trips across the country.  She loves making the same memories now as the mom with her family that she had growing up.  Kris has traveled to Hawaii, cruised out to the Virgin Islands and has hundreds more places on her wish list to go to. 
specializes in: Disney, Cruises, Universal, Family trips, Couples trips
You can reach her at 


Kris Krick
Travel Specialist

Beth has been in the travel industry since 2017.  Beth enjoys traveling with her husband, two children, and their four grandchildren. They love traveling to Disney many times a year. Beth loves to spend time with her family.
Specialties - Disney Destinations
You can reach her at

image (1).jpg

Beth Boyette
Travel Specialist

Anna has always loved to travel, and discovered her passion for Walt Disney World after her first visit in 2011. Ever since then, she fell in love with all things Disney and loves planning trips! Anna married her husband and in 2020, and they now reside in Canton, GA, with their dog and cat. :) They love traveling together, and Anna’s enthusiasm for Disney has rubbed off on her husband, and it is now their favorite vacation spot to experience together. They hope to visit many more destinations in the future!! 
Contact her at:


Anna Witkoski
Travel Specialist

Courtney has been in the travel industry since 2019. She loves traveling with her husband and 2 children. Courtney and her family love all things Disney but also love discovering new destinations. Their favorite non Disney vacation spot is anywhere by the ocean!
Specializes: Disney, Cruises, family vacations, couples vacations, business trips
Contact her at:


Courtney Adams
Travel Specialist

Shelly is new to the travel industry as a professional, but she has been helping friends and family plan travel for years!  She loves all things Disney and travels to Walt Disney World at least four times a year.  Shelly was a classroom teacher for twenty-five years, and currently volunteers at an Indianapolis inner-city school.  When Shelly isn't traveling or tutoring, she enjoys reading, cooking, and spending time on Pinterest. 
Specialties:  Disney Destinations, Family Vacations, Traveling with a Pet
You can reach her at

IMG_1802 (1).jpg

Shelly Jones
Travel Specialist