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Is Solo Travel Right for You?

Let's talk about Solo Travel!! Have you ever taken an adventure on your own? It doesn't have to be something big and extravagant, it could be something small and simple. Like going for a drive and exploring a new town, mountain range or ocean.

Let's start with a little background about me. I'm adventurous! I love to be outside exploring the world around me. I married my best friend over 10 years ago, and guess what, he is a goofy adventure seeker as well! We spent many years exploring and inevitably getting lost at times. We had a beautiful little girl and our adventures may have slowed down a little bit, but definitely haven't stopped.

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Family adventures are great. Trust me, I want to take my travel buddies with me everywhere I go. However, there is something magical about solo travel as well. I started taking solo trips in my early 20s. Being a college student I didn't have a lot of expendable money at the time, but I could afford gas and snacks! I'd take off to the coast and watch the waves in silence, or into the mountains and find a creek or waterfall.

As I have gotten older my solo trips have evolved into more. Further distances and longer times away. My husband also does this. He takes off for about 2 weeks on his motorcycle to go explore. This is a new tradition we have started. Every year we both take a solo trip and we plan a family trip.

I think as a society we should start to make solo trips normal. We should dissolve that feeling that we have to do everything together, all the time. Solo trips are magical. You can do what you want when you want. Ice cream for breakfast? Sure. Snack all day vs. sit down for 3 meals. Totally! Sleep in? Absolutely!

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The first major solo trip I took, was in May of 2022. I flew from Washington to Florida to check out Universal Studios for my first time ever. This was also the first time I had left my kid. So this trip was full of new experiences for me. It was a bit nerve-racking jumping on a plane and flying clear across the country solo. However, I do have to say it was one of the best decisions I have made. The confidence boost it created in me was astounding. The sense of freedom engulfed me. Did I miss my family? Absolutely. Did I have an absolute blast? Without a doubt!

In November of 2023, I did it again! I jumped on a plane from Washington to Florida on a solo trip, but my destination was different. I grew up visiting both Disneyland and Walt Disney World as a child but, I hadn't been to Walt Disney World since 2008! I was definitely way overdue for a visit! I am so glad I went. Visiting as an adult is a totally different experience, going solo is so much fun! You can walk as fast or as slow as you want. Want to ride the same ride 3 times in a row? Do it!

If you have ever debated solo travel, my biggest piece of advice is DO IT!

Are you ready to plan your first or next solo trip? Let's chat!

Adventures are good for you!


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