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How do you keep spending so much time in Disney World?

My family and friends keep asking me this question every time I tell them I'm headed down there again. My husband and 2 kids (girls, 10 & 13) have been going regularly since our girls were 1 & 4. We live all the way up in North Dakota, so this is no small feat for us. As a matter of fact, our next trip is planned for this coming November, and we are already discussing when we are going next and where we will be staying.

An answer I have for you is - I just can't stop. Another one is - my kids absolutely love it. Yet another answer is - even as an adult, it's just so much fun. But the sappy one, the answer I save for the right moment, is - there really is nothing like having the 3 most important people to me, in one place, without their phones, enjoying the time of their lives!

Disney World 1

When you know you've found a place that everyone in your family loves to visit, no matter what, it's really hard to not keep going. Both of my girls, I would have thought by now would be getting bored of it. However, every time we go, there is always one other parade, or firework moment, or character meet & greet, or ride experience, that was different from a time before, and that moment makes them smile in a way I never see at home. Sentimental is written into my name (well somewhere, really small) and I still find time to cry just a little whenever I go with my daughters. This place, it just has something, and I truly feel like everyone should try it.

Now, I have my favorites of everything, hotels, parks, rides, drinks, restaurants, snacks, the list goes on. And the members of my family, they have theirs. Plus, Disney World is huge! No matter how much time you spend at their 4 theme parks and/or 2 water parks, you will never get it all in. Then you have to include the new rides & attractions, new restaurants, and special events occurring at different times of the year. Getting bored is impossible. Sure, there are rides now that we skip because my girls are older, and we'd rather allocate the time we have to other things. But we are also incredibly nostalgic and have certain rides & restaurants that just can't be skipped, because we get to them every trip. Then there is the art of timing certain rides just right, to get them in either first thing in the morning or at night to enjoy the view you get of the parks and/or fireworks.

Are you exhausted yet? Yep, we get tired after about 2-3 days of this, depending on which parks we started at and if my husband thinks we "won" those days or not. Hint: the more rides and Lightning Lanes, the better in his mind. Pools in Disney World are no joke. Between the theming, water slides & pool side drinks and food, our family has no problem relaxing and resting up to get all of this started again the remainder of the trip. Not to mention, EPCOT is my absolute favorite park to relax in. My husband thinks of a scavenger hunt to keep my kids busy in the World Showcase and while we follow them through the countries, we sip a drink and just take it all in.

My journey to this career was driven by the desire to help others get to know Disney World like I have. I love it and I know it well! Ask any of my close friends or family and they will tell you I can talk Disney World anytime, and I'll always want to listen to others who have been there as well. Listening to what people like and don't like not only helps me do my job better, but it also gives my inner geek a little nudge. I like to think of it this way, being a travel advisor specializing in Disney merely gives my inner geek a really good costume. You think I'm working; I know I'm having a blast. Find me at or Nicole - Part of That World Vacations on Facebook.


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