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Las Vegas is for anyone, really!

I'm new to this travel advisor scene, but not to visiting Las Vegas. I started my adventure planning other's vacations in May of 2022, but I have been enjoying Vegas since 2012.

Staying somewhere different each visit has been the goal my husband and I aim for; however, we still have our favorite resorts that have hosted us more than once. Our frequent haunts include The Mirage & Planet Hollywood, but we have also enjoyed Paris, Aria, MGM, and Flamingo. Life goal is to eventually get a sweet suite in either Bellagio or Caesar's Palace. Each and every resort has something different to offer and they are so large, that you can even stay indoors for an entire day if you really want to. They all have numerous restaurants to choose from and a casino floor to gamble on if that's your thing.

Vegas Baby

Las Vegas

Yes, Vegas definitely has its outrageous aspects. It

attracts all walks of life, no joke, no exaggeration. It also attracts ALL walks of life, including my easy-going style of eating, drinking, walking, enjoying the heat and simply unwinding as an adult. When I don't have to make sure my kids are cool enough and have sunscreen, I can simply have fun. Most trips involve very late nights gambling and talking to the many friends that joined me. We enjoy a show and the quiet pool at my hotel, hotel hop each day to check out something new, and sleep in the mornings. No expectations, just chill. We never go with prior planning and do as we please, when we please.

This type of trip though, with no plans, is much easier to enjoy because I know as much about the location as I do. I can take comfort in knowing, I will always find something to do. We prefer the Strip, but there is just SO much to Las Vegas to enjoy. Fremont Street, Downtown Vegas, has an entirely different vibe and is preferred by a large amount of Las Vegas regulars as well. The hotels, casinos, shows & bars give you a feel like you're on a different type of Vegas vacation, and all you've done is hopped in a taxi to a different locale.

Vegas Hotels

Now, all of that being said, I have also tried the 'crazy' Vegas-type trip (well as much as I can being a mother of two, married & not in college anymore). I stayed up until morning every day (except the last day), I frequented the 'party' pool, and I even tried a popular club on the strip. I drug my body out of bed early every morning and walked the strip like I never get any exercise. Yep, turns out I was right, it was too exhausting for me. But I had such a great time, I tell myself I did it for research purposes.

Planet Hollywood

What are you getting at, you ask? Try it! Let loose and have fun. Are you worried about planning ahead, let me know! I would be happy to help you with questions and booking a hotel to try or activities to explore. or find me on Facebook, Nicole - Part of That World Vacations.

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