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Universal Tribute Store is such a fun place to re-live the good old days!!

The Tribute Store located in Universal Studios Orlando is so much fun to relive all the greats! ET, Jaws, King Kong and Back to The Future are all blockbuster movies and this store has some great memorabilia and really fun trinkets, clothing and more for purchase! Here are a few of things that we saw and loved!

The closet where ET hid. Can you find ET?

Elliott's bed from ET and merchandise for purchase

Elliott's bedroom from ET

Elliott's bedroom from ET

Elliott's bedroom from ET

ET Phone Home flannel for purchase

Back to the Future Hover Board

Back to the Future machine that changed the time on the clock tower!

Click, click, click goes the clocks from Back to the Future!

The big base from Back to the future

The Jukebox from Back to the Future

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